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Where is your cat not planning to kill you?

Birds are considered innocent and harmless animals. That’s why many people worship them. But such people become smart, because the research has found that cats have a crush. Researchers of Universities of Edenburgh compare pet, wild and big cats. In which certain generation ...

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Great news for YouTube users

California: The Google Video Sharing Platform YouTube has announced that users will now be able to lyrememerate shortly from the smartphone’s camera app. While this live stream method will become very simple. YouTube announced in a blog post that they are ...

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Ten easy ways to make the skin beautiful

The face of the face is the most sensitive. Here are the factors that affect the effects of the skin. Sunshine, fatigue, sleep loss and environmental pollution etc. Women around the world use thousands of rupees beauty products to make their faces beautiful. Today, ...

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Are you tired of stocks?

کھٹمل کتنی بڑی ’ مصیبت‘ ہیں، اس کا اندازہ انھی کو ہوسکتا ہے جنھیں اس مصیبت کا سامنا ہے یا جو سامنا کرچکے ہیں۔ چادر اور لحاف اوڑھ کر یا مچھردانی لگا کر مچھروں سے تو بچا جاسکتا ہے مگر ...

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