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Famous ideas about nail acids that are really wrong

Nail acne on the face not only look bad but clearly enough to spoil your mood. Women around the world try various types of nails for the problem of nail ache. There are many mistakes that can be made about nail acids. Therefore, it is important to know these facts for the treatment of nail ache.

Today we will tell you about the concepts that are not right. Skin care and nails will also be aware of the ways of salvation.

Food items

According to old traditions, food does not matter to the skin of skin.However modern science refers to this and says that in the diet of sugar, the body adds insulin production. This increase generates nail ache on skin.Apart from this, the hormones in the milk bring greasy on the skin due to which the wools are filled with greasy.

* Foods should be used in foods which reduce the glacial index, such as flower cabbage, cucumber, etc.

* Food is also good for the use of zinc, such as eggs, meat, fish or mushrooms.

* Quantity of vitamin A is also useful for skin problems, especially acne.These items include carrot, closed cabbage and spinach.


No nails directly from nail ache on smoking soon. However, tobacco use reinsurance of skin cells and delay the infection. Taking off smoking gives oxygen easily and quickly begins to feel refreshing.


Not all the cosmetics products are incomplete for the skin. The use of these products is better for skin which is not a non-coconutic genome. These products contain wines and various types of oils. The wines dry the skin, which adds to the acids. While the oil closes the dishes.

Mental pressure

The mental stress is not responsible for newborn nails. However mental pressure may cause distortion in existing ache. The reason for this is that mental pressure improves the risk of acne.

Face and skin cleaning

The face can be repeatedly repeated to clean the nail-alkali greasy on the skin. But it will not end nail acne. However the skin becomes more sensitive and the chances of infection will increase. Also, wet face towel should be cleaned and cleaned instead of cleaning it.

Tooth paste

Tooth paste includes mathol, hydrogen peroxide, food soda etc., which can help nail ache in the skin. But toothpaste can not completely eliminate nail acids. On the skin, naturally infection and irritation can increase on skin.

Tailoring and handling nails on the skin can worsen their condition.However, if you do not have time to attend the parlor, use the Black Head Remote to clean them at home.