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6 most important and easy exercises for waist, knee and tobacco pain

Waist, guitar and toothache are commonly found in people. People not only age but people of all ages can suffer from such kind of pain. Waist, sling, and toothache are caused by small injuries and fatigue. We tell you some important but easy exercises that will help in comforting such kind of pain.

Exercise exercises

This exercise will strengthen the muscles around the nails and muscles. This exercise will start with a chair. Stand behind the chair and hold on his tech.after this

* First pick your leg

* Then just pick the other one on the other side so that you stand on your own side.

* Then put the go back on the ground.

* Repeat this exercise with two legs ten to ten times.

Resistance Training

This exercise will endanger the pendant and the thigh muscles. For this exercise you will need a flexible band. Take this band into a couch or table.

* Sit down and down one of your legs under the second leg in a way that turns slightly from the first leg gut.

* Now hold the band on top of the top and drag the band to the band.

* Repeat this process with ten legs fifteen times.

Bowling exercises

This exercise is best for a weak ankle complaint.

* Take a leg or sit standing or standing

* Gradually start the clock on the leg to watch the clock

* Rotate ten times in the last direction ten times after rotating ten times

* Repeat this process on both legs. 

Fifth exercise

This exercise is very simple and simple. You can do it while doing a walk at home or doing work.

* While going on, only one person walks on his way to walk, but the walking speed should be sharp

* Separate it apart and bend your feet and try to take some cloth or towel in the pan.

* Some stones or small balls can also be picked up in the pan and placed in the basket.

This exercise will comfort your beds, soles and thighs.

Solo exercises

This exercise is very useful for pain and pain in the toe toe

* Take a tennis ball or the bigger one and the ball and sit on the chair

* Put the ball under the sword and push it back from the sword

This massage will make you very comfortable.


Be sure to make your feet massage before the night after bedtime. Massages will not only relax in pain but also sleepy sleep. Massage 10 th 15 minutes of hand on thighs shown in the picture.