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7 useful ways to stop hiccups

Hiccup is a natural situation that comes to a sudden man but also stops immediately, although sometimes it is difficult for you to become troubled and a serious problem.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Charleston has recorded record of hesitation for the longest time, and you will be surprised to know that Anthon-based charts have been humbled for 68 years.

That’s why we do not want to hesitate to come up with you as a problem for your health, which is why we will tell you some useful tips today that you can stop hacking immediately.

Close the ear

When you are hesitant, close both of your ears to fingers for 20 to 30 seconds and press your fingers on the earliest parts of the ear. This process will help your vein to get relief and hiccup.

Take a drink of water

Take a lip of water with strokes or take water out of the water. This way can also be hiccuped.

Increase air by mouth in the paper bag

This process increases carbon dioxide pressure in your body’s blood, due to which diaphragm gets comfort and stops hiccup.

Use of honey and lime

By stimulating lime with honey water or eating honey, the vegas of the vegas, which cause hiccup to stop.

Eating a spoon of sweet

It would be strange to hear from the batter apparently, but the researcher believes that eating a spoon of any sweet thing can be stopped, because when you eat some sweet, your tongue moves in order to swallow. The movement of movement also changes and results in hiccups.

Exit language

This hatch may seem very strange but it is a great way to hesitate. Exiting your language makes changes in the gutts and can overcome the hiccup.

Take a breath in the breath and slowly breathe

To use this recipe you need to breathe more and more, after which slowly breathing out for 30 seconds. It can be hiccuped more than once for this recipe.