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How dangerous is it to marry Cazan?

In a new study, it has been said that the people of the wedding who are married to the children are likely to have depression and anxiety problems, than those who do not marry in the cows, are more than 3 times higher.

In Ireland, this research has been told that such people are told for use of immunization of more and more psychological illnesses, such as Shirtzfrania, than ordinary people.

Researchers did not tell why these children, whose parents are close relatives, why they get mental problems. However, the previous information found that there are more chances of getting single-gen disorder in such children.

Such children are such problems because their parents have a specific DNA that their grandmother was in. Such a problem causes children to learn difficulties and mental disabilities.

In the world, one of the ten children of each ten is second cousin or more close relatives.

Marriages between the first cousins ​​are legal in Britain, which are nearly one percent closer.

Past figures show that in 18 percent of Bradford’s weddings, such relatives are in particular, especially in the Pakistani community.