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YouTube’s 15 shortest shortcuts

YouTube is the world’s most popular video sharing website, which millions of people watch videos daily, but ordinary people do not know the few important tracks hidden inside it, which make the site experiment great. The following is being mentioned in the following tricks that most people are missing.

* Video Start at a specific time

If you send a video to one of your friends and want them to start at a specific time, click on the share button below the video title, then a tab will appear, then check it down on the Starttime box and then After choosing your choice, then click on the link below and then send this link to your friend, the video will begin from there, the time you have decided.

* Free Music Library

If you want a video to be decorated with a music and do not want to violate copyright, you can take advantage of YouTube’s free music library.

* Download YouTube videos

If you like a video so much and how do you want to save it to your computer? Instead of wasting time on Google search, try this truck. You have to add 2S between WWW.com.tub to the link of the video, exactly www. ssyoutube and interlink will bring you a new site for downloading in front of you.

* Clear the History History

Go to the History section of the page that will be on the left side of the main page (desktop), everything can be cleared from the Clare Watch History, so that the Pose Watch History will not record any history in the future, or one By doing the video can be deleted from history.

* Use YouTube as a TV

If you’re missing your computer mouse or you’re comfortable, want to watch movies like TV just like TV, go to youtube.com/leanback, where you can navigate from your keyboard. Back to top, with the help of Home, End, Space Bar and T, you’ll be able to drive it exactly like a mouse.

* Singing in the backyard in the mobile phone

A huge error in the YouTube app is that a video in it only runs as long as the application opens up and closes it as soon as the application opens. Its solution is very easy. Open the Chrome browser in Android phone and open YouTube.com. Now click on the top dot menu available on the top right and click on the Request desktop site option. Then choose the song of your choice and then pop up the YouTube display notifications. When the songs started running, press the power button from the Chrome app and then start using other apps, the song will be stopped first, but you can control it in the phone notification menu.

* Run in the semolina

Do not want to see any particular frame in a video going too fast? Then press the space button on the keyboard, it will start playing in video compilation, which will cause frequent pods and on-the-go video.

Try testing the new design

Go to youtube.com/testtube and scroll down and click on the gateway player, in this new player, the Transparency Control Bar and the scales option are available in every new screen compared to the old design.

* Play video on your TV

If you have Smart TV, you can also play YouTube videos on your TV with WiFi from your mobile device. Open the YouTube app on your TV and then youtube.com/pair go. Now go to the settings in your YouTube app and set the Pier Devices and then enter the code at youtube.com/pair. Once your device is pierced, you will be able to play YouTube videos on your TV by mobile device.

* YouTube Filter for Kids

There is a Kids Apps app for YouTube’s kids free of charge for IOS and Android users, and videos available for kids here, this app’s colorful buttons and voice search is easy to find videos for the younger angels. If they can not type, you can set time timers to set them time to view them.

* How to save video buffer?

If you always have enough time to load videos, change your default streaming quality on your account. Visit youtube.com/account_playback for this and select this option. I have a slow connection. Never play high-quality video.

* Change any video to MP

If you want to convert a YouTube video and sound cloud track to MP, go to the website called Peggo.

* Watch videos even during web surfing

Floating YouTube is a Chrome Extension that runs the YouTube mini player in all web windows.

* Control over video speeds

The gear icon on the video, then clicking the speed, can be played on 5 or 25 by video, in the semolition, it is a very helpful feature for video learning about something.

* Video music identification

The site named MooMa.sh can help identify the video of YouTube, Daily Motion and any video of the Vioo, just copy the video link to the site and then let it work.

* Keyboard shortcuts

K: To stop or play

J: For ten seconds awards

L: For ten seconds forwards

M: To mite