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How harmful is the plastic harmony caused by humans?

Plastic is a wonderful invention of science as well as a penalty for our planet. Plastic production in the world is about 300 tons per year.Which of which most parts are never recycled. It is living forever in the field of our land and sea. Today we will tell you how this plastic world is harming the creatures in this world. Especially the creature that depends on the diet of food for food.

Plastic is produced in a quantity of 300 tonnes worldwide. It includes billions of plastic bottles and five billion plastic bags. Plastic is the essential part of our lives because it is amazingly durable. But plastic is dangerous because of the fact that it is amazingly durable.

A particle made of plastic in history is still available on earth in some form.For example, we use the plastic bag twice and twice and throw it into the trash. By the year 2050, when the world’s population reaches approximately ten billion people, then the expected production of plastic will now be three times longer.

The danger is that only a few parts of such plastic are recycled. The rest of the plastic land and the ocean damage the years like any disease. Rugs and grains that are thrown into the ocean badly harm the sea. About 100 million tonnes of fish are used in humans around the world. The ocean birds also get their food in the form of these fishes. These are the same fishes that have become sick due to eating contaminants of the ocean.

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According to a record 276 pieces of plastic from a seafood belly, weighs 15% of the weight of the bird. If this figure is seen in human terms, there can be 6 to 8kg of plastic in human stomach.

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By the year 2050, the world will be able to find such plastic as weighs in the sea as much as fish is available. Every country uses plastic. But now the time has come to mind that the damage to it is thought to be changed.Rwanda, China and Taiwan are included in the ban on the plastics. If we can not implement this bank immediately in our country, then at least use the plastic.

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