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Facebook fake accounts may affect Pakistani elections: Zuckerburg

Facebook’s head has revealed that fraudulent accounts on Facebook can also be tried on the election in Pakistan.

In the US Congress, Mark Zuckerberg said that we are looking at all such fraudulent accounts and are closing all those through which efforts are made to influence the vote.Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg appeared in front of the US Congress regarding the data scandal for two days, he admitted that the social networking website did not take any measures to prevent the abuse of his customers. And they accept the responsibility of this nomination.

33-year-old Facebook founder Tuesday and Wednesday will appear before various Congress committees.

According to foreign news agency, on Wednesday, he called upon the representatives of the Energy and Trade Committee of the House of Representatives. Earlier, he has also been invited as a witness to the Senate Legal and Commercial Committee.

Zakir Burg has acknowledged the Facebook errors in his statement and assured the system.
During preparing answers to potential questions, Zakir Burg had acknowledged that this website of social communication did not take measures to stop misuse of the consumer data and he accepted the responsibility of the nomination.

He told the US Representative Committee of Energy and Trade in a written statement that “it has become clear that necessary measures were not taken to prevent illegal use of these devices or tools. Namely fake news, with external intervention in the elections and hated statements “in the fields of programming and private data protection.