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You can earn one lakh rupees from your waste

It is very difficult to earn money, you will always hear that, but do you know that there is also an extremely easy way to earn money? Actually this method is so easy that you will not be able to believe, sell your waste and earn money sitting at home.

According to the Mail Online , the microorganism transplant is now becoming a common technique used to treat many types of diseases, especially multi-bridge securities and crane diarrhea.

Human waste is used to treat this method and its demand is increasing that ‘Australian Center for Digestive Disorders’ has begun to buy waste from people.

Instead of a good waste, $ 50 (about 5,000 Pakistani rupees) can be paid and you can spend $ 250 a month ($ 13,000 per month) (about one lakh Pakistani rupees monthly).

Thomas Bardy, a new therapeutic expert, said that he has done more than 12,000 ‘microbiobota transfer processors’, which is doing more than 10 exercises on this daily basis.

In this method, ingredients taken from the waste of a healthy person are transferred into the intestines of the sick person so that the system starts digestive.

To sell waste, you should use specific nutritious foods, which usually include bread, bread, fresh vegetables, pulses and fruits etc.

For waste sellers, it is also important that they avoid diet, shellfish, jaggery, burger and pepper foods and are not using any type of antibiotics.

Australian’s Center for Digestive Diseases says they prefer that waste sellers stay within their center an hour, because when waste is needed, two hours It is necessary to supply it inside.

To select a person for sale of waste, its blood is tested first and goes to the three bounty samples. After the clinical analysis of blood tests results and bounty samples, it is decided whether the waste can be bought or not.