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Is this rumor spread true on Facebook?

It would not be wrong to say that Facebook has dominated our lives and it has become impossible for millions and rather billions of people to stay away from it.

Whatever the priorities of your social networking website, it is not possible to refuse the fact that Facebook can help keep the BFF (the Secrets of the Best Friends for Eve).

However, Facebook is facing difficulty due to Cambridge Enaletica data scandal and it seems that a word ‘BFF’ has started taking advantage of people’s concerns on the situation.

For the past few weeks, a rumor on Facebook has spread rapidly across the globe and in various languages.

According to this rumor, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has invented a word BFF or BFF, if you want to make sure your Facebook account is safe, type the BFF in the purchase, if it is green If I see, that means the account is safe, if it is not green then change your password quickly because it may be someone else hacked, share this message with each other. ‘

This post is indeed a rumor for people’s attraction and attitudes.

The first thing is that Mark Zuckerberg did not create a brief name called BFF because the word “Oxford English” was started in 1996.

Even more interestingly, in this rumor, a new Facebook feature ‘Text Delite’ has been used very well, which was introduced last year.

Under this feature, their color changes on writing in a few specific words in the feature, and some kind of animation arises.

For instance, ‘Best Wishes’, ‘xoxo’ and ‘Congratulations’ show an animation on the look and write with different colors.

The BFF was included in the list this year in January this year and means that whenever a user writes it in the shop, it will change in green and its efficacy has spread out.

Well, if its color is not changed on writing BFF, it does not have to take anything from the account, but it might be due to potentially possible browsing settings.

If that word is also green, it does not mean that your account is more secure than others, because it may be a hack if the password is weak.