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The 7 hidden features of smartphones you were outlined

Ten years ago, if you had to do ten jobs, you needed ten things, but now smartphones have all of these stuffed into a device. You can now call smartphones, send text messages, watch tv and read news. Apparently, smartphones have made life easier.

Here are some hidden features of smartphones that can make you more convenient in your life.

* Smart Lok

If you also want to repeatedly punish the phone again, then there is a good feature in your smartphones to avoid the problem that can be seen in the smartphone settings appetite. This feature will get you in your settings by ‘smart folk’ which you can click to click on where you do not need to locate your phone.

* River Dot District

Smartphones have many features that apparently we have seen but have never used it. Similarly, there is a option for ‘Do Not Disturb’ in smartphones, using which you set the number of people you call for any meeting or work at which time you are required.

To use this feature, first go to Settings, then click Do not Disturb in Sound option. Going there will show you the ‘Preparity Only Setting’ application in which you can only set the number of people whose call will reach you.

* Dreadful ducks

Yes! You can measure your heartfeeding dangers with your Android phones.For this, go to the Play Store and download the ‘Institution’s Heart Rate’ application and put the testimony finger on the camera lens, after which the application will tell you your heartfelt drowsiness.

* Screen magnifier

This feature is very useful for users whose eyes are weak. To use this feature, first go to the settings and press the option of access bulletin, then select the option of magnetic. Now you can zoom in by double tabs of these parts on the display screen, which are often not clear on the small screen.

* Fast mode

It is a habit of some people to take full care of others’ phones, which is a bad thing, but there is an interesting feature in the smartphone to stop them.Before giving someone your phone, go to the notification panel and click on your account there, then after clicking, you will have three options. Click ‘Ad View’ and place a phone on ‘Nightmare’. Now the front person will not be able to see your personal data or apps.

* Virtual Clients

With this setting, you can read the necessary document or book on your phones at night and do not even touch your eyes. To use the feature go to Settings and click the Options for Axis Bleet and apply the ‘Cluster-in-Version’ application.

* Estate Statistics

If anyone tells you that you use more than a smartphone, you can use this tool to lower them. Go to the option of batteries available in settings and click on the Dial in equal toLast 7 Dies. Here you will see a list of the most used applications.


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