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Samsung Galaxy S9 is nothing new in Samsung

Nowadays, any Smartphone is going to be a smartphone model for a new model.

Today, new smartphones are going to be the latest updates of features in their previous models, and the same thing happened with Samsung Galaxy S8 and S. 9.

It is not that Galaxy S 9 is not a good phone but if you have a Galaxy S8, then you have the best phone of 2017, and have features and capabilities available.

We tell you if you have a S8 phone, why not need to upgrade it to 9.

* Design of 9th is just like Diesel of S8, Basel is just a bit odd in Bus 9. See the image design of the phone.

1. The S9's design is pretty much as S8's.

If the feature is spoken, the feature is the same as both.

Wireless charging.

Fast charging.

Face-opening phone

Eye-catching phone.

Fingerprint scanner

Water proof

* The Galaxy S9 screen is so attractive as it looks like.

4. The Galaxy S9's camera is not significantly better than Galaxy S8's.

* The Galaxy S 9’s camera S8 camera is not a bit better than the camera. Galaxy S 9’s camera is made for light light while the S8’s camera was made for a more lightweight environment.

* The Galaxy S9 speed is not as fast as the Galaxy S8 has. The S9 is equipped with the latest Sniper Dragon 845 processor, as there is an S8P Dragon 835 processor in the S8. But in both of your speeds, you can hardly feel the difference.

* Samasu made no new battery, so there is no special battery life of S9.

* Galaxy S8 is working only on version 7.0 and while Galaxy runs running Android version 8.0 android, but there is no special difference in viewing both of them.

8. The stereo speakers on the Galaxy S9 are great, but it's not a good reason to upgrade.

* Galaxy S9 stereo speakers are the best, but there is no reason for upgrading this phone. A speaker for stereo sound has been added to the phone.