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Why is the open chocolate white? The machine made a secret

Chocolate is the bird’s item of people around the world, there are some people who dislike it. Often you have seen that the chocolate is left open when it is left open. But what is the reason?

Even the cyclists were surprised, however, now with the latest technology, this norm has taken the curtain.

Experts have not only told the color to be white, but also has a very easy way to prevent it from getting white.

According to the Mail Online report, scientists found the secrets of chocolate white in the world using Hamburgers in the city of Germany.

Scientists said after research, if the chocolate is kept at extremely low or very high temperatures, it starts to fry the greasy flame and ultimately displays the appearance of a white powder over the chocolate.

If the chocolate is kept at temperatures between 14 to 18 degrees Celsius, its greasy will never flow, and the chocolate cadre will be safe.

Dr. Stephen Ruth, head of the research team, said that because of the temperature deficiency or abuse, greasy grease melting begins to get out of chocolate.

However, being a white layer above the chocolate is not harmful for health.This can also be used in this case.