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Treatment of blood vessels (blood clay) in the veins

Blood in the veins is related to ‘athleticosis’. This is a very important issue and we should not always ignore this thing and approach the doctor immediately. It is the condition in which greasy or any type of material stirring the blood veins. As a result, blood flow is affected, and the space stains due to straining.

Blood has natural ability to gym. As a result of this, internal bleeding occurs rather than bleeding. This blood-processing process is called ‘thermomboce’.Stomach prevents blood flow from heart or brain.

Power has created some food items that can prevent the bleeding process in the veins.


Sustainable use of soy in the diet helps prevent thyroid. Genene in the soybean prevents blood vessels into veins. This blood reduces the adhesive feature in plates such as plates.

Onion and apple

A number of investigations have shown that those who use onion and apple in food are likely to reduce the risk of bleeding in the veins. Both of these items are full of fluid quartons, which help to cure blood vessels in the veins.

* Malta

Use of fat in the diet improves the blood. Malta is full of vitamins C, which prevents blood from becoming excessive platelets. Blood vessels in such veins are considered as acne.


Presence in the springs of Hepaterrin and other fluidides creates elasticity.Also reduce the risk of bleeding. Lemens are suggested using all the conditions in which the blood flow is better.


Blood gap ability can be reduced from grapes. Grapes are used in food for those who are afraid to have or become hemorrhoids.

Note: This article is for general information only before consulting your doctor.