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Little Fish became the enemy of the Chinese navy

Beijing: The Chinese naval is now in great trouble due to only one sea creature, this small fish has chained chains in the navy’s nose.

According to foreign website reports, these jelly fish enters Chinese navy ships vessels cooling into the pipes and closes them, causing the cooling of the ships to stop working.

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According to the report, US Navy flew Ronald Reagan in 2006, due to the same problem, had had to stay for a long time on the port of Brussels, Australia, Australia.

Assymetric threat ... Destruction of marine estuaries to build a chain of illegal artificial island fortresses in the South China Sea may have unexpected military fall in the form of jellyfish swarms. Picture: AFP

The Chinese army has developed a weapon to kill the fish, which is in a turbine equipped with a sharp tables.

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But experts say that after the death the remains of these fish will be gathered on the beaches and a nymph will not be so easy to cope with.