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Easy to change eye color forever

California: Not only Pakistan but blue eyes around the world are known as a sign of beauty. While 17% of the eyes of the world are blue.

Most people wish that their eyes’ colors are too blue, it was not possible to do this before, but now science has made it possible.

The United States Stortoma Medical Company has successfully achieved the color of Kitty eye color with laser treatment in blue.

Dr Greg Homer, a researcher, says that every eye is hidden on the blue eye behind the eye.

The difference between the blue and kitty eye is only a layer of ointment. Dr. Homer’s story is that if you remove this layer, the light passes through this stroke and creates a blue effect and the eye color looks blue.

California-based Stroma Medical has changed the eyes of at least 37 people in blue eyes. In this surgery, brown frying is removed from the surface of the eye in the laser with the laser.