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What would happen if the earth was flat?

Have you ever thought what would happen if the world was like a sticky plate?

At times, it is impossible to deny that the world is round. But in the ancient times some people have passed that think that the world is quiet, while today there are some unmatched people who still think that the world is lying.

If one should even believe that the world is firm, only one thing will prove wrong, and it is gravity or gravity.

Gravity says this magnetic force that is found in the center of the earth and pulls all the world back to the ground.

The Earth’s goal means that the gravity will work together all the directions together.

But if the earth is flat rather than round, the gravity will cover everything in the middle of it.

If you are in the middle of the Amen section then, the gravity will affect the way it is on a round ground, but as you get away from the ground center, the effectiveness of the gravity is tasted and you will feel that you Every hill is climbing.

If you bounce a ball in the air then it will go back instead of moving forward. Similarly, the trees growing in the middle of the earth will grow straight when the height of the farms from the center will be thicker.

Similarly, all the water on the flat ground will be gathered in the middle of the earth and the edges will be dried.

So if you fall from an apple tree next time, thank you that the earth is round, because if the earth was flat, then apples came to your mouth rather than falling on earth.