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It’s possible to dream your dream now

Many people might have experienced that they are dreaming and they also feel it. This condition is called lucid dreaming.

In this case the dreams of dreams are extremely clear, bright and healthy.The dream can be found in the condition of sleep, as long as the person is in a state of sleep, he can understand the nervous causes of dreams, even though he is in sleep. According to a survey, twenty percent of people experience dream dreams.

Some people claim that in the case of dreams, one person can see the custom scene, which can control his dreams.

Lucid Dreamer looks at the same thing. This is a unique device or device whose creators claim that dream dreams can be viewed with it.

Scientific experts say that this big heart seems to be a fascinating and unique thing, and most people will not take it seriously. Because all of them understand that dreams can be seen only in sleep and we do not have the authority over them.

Experts say that this is correct and science can not interfere with it, but research on mind and being used to control human emotions and conditions, and inventions are coming out.

Dream-based research says that this condition of human being has a specific mental activity, which is called gamma activity in the language of science.This brain’s activity makes sense to dream man somewhat consciously. This activity can be increased through lightning with lightning of lightning electric waves.

This technique is called Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (TACS). During this research, many techniques were tested. 77% of the number of researchers pass through the quality of dreams.

Based on the above scientific discoveries, Neuromodulation Technologies BV, a Netherlands-based company, decided to develop an instrument that dreams in a person’s mind that he is dreaming and to get control over his dreams. Enable

This tool is named Lucid Dreamer. Dream research, although Hannes is in the early stages, but Lucid Dreamer creators claim that they have presented this device after many experiences and well-being and admired.

During the experiment, the device was tested at five people. For seven nights, the specific part of each person’s brain was twice ‘teased’ by the device. Three out of five people experienced dream dream night. On the fourth night and the fifth person was worried about the dream of ‘dreaming’ in the third night.

The Dutch company collects money through the fund financing for preparation of this unique instrument’s scale. One million target has been targeted for this project. Dutch company has collected 60,000 euros so far.The remaining amount will start working on this project. Lucid Dreamer’s price will be between 30000 and Euro.


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