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Why does the falling of water fall to snow?

You have observed that if the pieces of ice are poured out immediately after the extraction of the refrigerator, they are broken and broken. But why does this happen?

Now a specialist has told her astonishing reason. In a video posted on YouTube, Breadi’s specialist has said that water is high when we remove the ice cubes out of the refrigerator. This also increases the level of outer layers of ice, and it starts spreading the surface. On the contrary, the temperature of the surface of the ice remains low, as a result of which ice breaks down.

Brady said that if we put ice out of the refrigerator and put it out in a plate and then put it in the water, the cube will not break. The reason for this is that the outer surface temperature of the ice does not grow rapidly in the open air, however, it remains equal to the temperature of water. That is why it does not make any difference in the water. If the ice is taken out of the refrigerator and put it in a straightforward, then the temperature of ice increases rapidly, so it breaks.


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