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Big change made by Snapper Chat was reverted

In the beginning of this year, consumers had gone through some updates from Snapshot Chat.

It is possible to correct the behavior of users snapshot because the app is going to return some conflicting updates.

In the Photos app upcoming update, photos and chats will be configured by date instead of the reader’s reader.

In the new update, users will see their friends’ photos, swipe to the right instead of the left to see the stores on the friends page.

Things are again normal, meaning that you can swipe on the left to see your colleagues’ salidays.

This update has been released for iOS and will be released soon in Android.

Earlier this year, Sniper Chat has responded to a petition in which more than 10 million people had demanded to be updated.

The company wrote that we listened to you and appreciate that you only tell us what you feel about the app. We understand that the new Snapper chat has troubled many.


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