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How do your friends know more about you than your friends?

A research has proven that the most commonly used Web site’s social media contacts can also disclose your personal information that you do not appear on Facebook. More importantly, this transfer of information will be through friends of people in your Facebook referendum.

Researchers say that every person who is present online on the Internet, it is difficult to keep their personal information confidential.

According to this study, there are many ways to promote this information that people do not want to appear.

Researchers used some database on which different types of information were available. This information is done by Facebook to move ads out of groups and groups when people display their profile for ‘Friends of Friends’.

Researchers also clarify that when people make friends on Facebook, their age, nationality and political beliefs are almost similar to them. Therefore, if a person does not advertise his personal information on the Facebook profile, then the exact assessment of these things can be easily compromised. This method is known as researcher ‘homeovie’ or similar things.

If a Facebook user wants to know the sex, it can not only be estimated that the person’s facebook is very friendly or females. Because most men who make friends can be both women and men.

However, according to this research, consumers’ estimate can also be accurately estimated. This method is called ‘monophyll’, which means ‘choice for the same thing’.

Research was found that when ‘homophyll’ was not present in Facebook contacts, friends’ friends can only evaluate certain information like sex etc..

Investigators hid some information from Facebook to friends of Facebook users and were assessed by the profile of their profile.

It showed that your friends would not have ideas and features like you, but their other friends and some of them are likely to be the same.

Therefore, it is not right to assume that if your information is printed on Facebook, it is safe. Only on your Facebook presence

Your information is enough to be normalized.