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Death from where no living creature survived

There are several places in the world whose present presence is a surprise for humans. There are things whose elephants could not handle anything till today. One such place is located in Gulf Bay, Mexico, which is known as ‘Brian Pol’.

It is a depth of water available in the ocean, whose bird has not yet been found. Every living thing that goes on in the pit does not survive, scientists call it ‘death pit’.

This pit was discovered by the researchers of the United States Tempal University in 2014 by a robot. Experts are now preparing the first high resolution map of this pit, saying that it will help a lot of discoveries on life on other planets.

Its death pit diameter is 100 and it lies in the depth of 3300 feet from the Gulf level. Its water is 4 or five times higher than the ocean water.

That’s why its water remains below water and does not meet sea water.Alcoholic chemicals like methane gas and hydrogen sulfide contain no solution to it.

University specialists have seen large enceopods dead in it, which appear alive in the surrounding ocean.