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Why are the fuses then burnt throughout life?

You know that the bulbs of light give light for more than six months, then either burn or worsen.

But do you know that when the bulb was invented, his life was unlimited? It is proof that in 1901, the U.S. state was installed at a fire station on the 4450 East Aviation Planet California California, which has been burning for 118 years.

When bulb companies saw unlimited bubbles and could never get worse, they got business risks.

Because who will buy a new bulb if the bulb is light in the same way?

That’s why in 1932, five major electronics companies in the world proclaimed a secret sitelike in Geneva, where a secret agreement was set, according to which bulbs will be made up to six months.

These companies include the United States General Electric, the Philippines’s Philips Electronics and the Omsim Electrical of Germany.

The deal was reported to the world when the famous historian Gunter went to the head office of Heath German company and Ausem, and found there a secret agreement documented on the flooring paper.

The agreement was written that soon after the bulb, the refrigerator and oven will soon be limited, so that they are also used for a certain extent.