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Complete treatment of cancer can only be possible from an injection

Therapeutic therapies treat harmful effects with themselves. The process of these therapies is very painful and it is not always useful.Harmony effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy occur worse on time.

Researchers of Stanford University have introduced a modern technology for cancer treatment. Two techniques of this type of drug are compressed in cancer. Which makes the immune system more functional to fight cancer.This method is not only effective but also very cheap.

An experiment on mice revealed that only one injection is sufficient to eliminate all the tumors in the body.

Researchers believe that it is the power to fight every kind of cancer.Injection on 87 out of 90 mice completely cleaned them from cancer. Only 3 mice again got cancer, which was removed from root to another injection.

However, this method of treatment of cancer is also confirmed by humans or not.

Lymphoma is particularly a disease of immune system. Since the effect of this injection is only on the most immune system, this is why the experience is being done on lymphoma patients to monitor the performance of the injection.

This method is a type of ammoniethral. Also, more commonly used for treating immunotherapy is cancer. Some of them activate the immune system everywhere in the body. And some people end up cancer by eliminating their patients’ immune cells.

It is a matter of concern that these therapies take a lot of time and are also expensive. The implicit effects are in addition to all these things. On the contrary, this modern technique does not target all the immune cells of the body. In this process the tumor does not have to be found. The injection medicines themselves do their own by finding their target.

Doctors use this injection, after applying a tumor after applying. In this way, this injection tumor will be stopped again.

Doctors believe that there is no cancer that is not cure of this injection.