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Worldwide Dayend: What is this disease?

The United Nations celebrates Worldwide Dayendum on March 21.Download condom is a disease known as triizomy 21. This is a typical birthdate. Additional genetic material in the body constitutes children’s mental and physical growth. There are 23 chromosomes in every cell of the human body. Eccentric chromosomes are added to downloadendend patients.

Download condom is from moderate to moderate level disabilities. Apart from this, the effects of the face include the usual difference between physical and physical disorder.

There are no specific reasons for download condom yet. However, the presence of the mother and the disease in the family may be due to childbirth being downloaded.

During pregnancy, symptoms of any type of disease are not visible on the woman. Only tests can be indicated before the birth of the test. Women older than twenty-five years are likely to produce children suffering from this disease.

The most obvious features of the download render are children’s face effects. Their impressions are chatting. The head and the ears are small and the eyes are shaped above. The fingers are small and the language is larger.Due to the lack of force interfere, these children may suffer from problems related to acne, alzheimer, leukemia and stomach.

Currently no condom has been introduced. However counseling can help those children get involved in society and live like ordinary people.