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Amazing baby with a bubble light touching the body

Kerala: The Indian state of Kerala has an amazing baby that lights the LED bulb from any part of its body without any electricity.

According to Daily Mail, a nine-year Tahir LED bulb in Indian state of Kerala demonstrates a success to lighten lightning from any part of its body without electricity. This nine-year-old baby is rapidly wirling on the social media video of Tahir’s bulb. The video can be seen if the baby touches the bulb from any part of the hand, the toe, or the body, it burns.

Baby father’s father Nazir said once he brought a bulb and said to the child, put it in the rack above, after taking the hand of the child, he took the bulb to light it and said that he would do it but Tahir Could not stop the process.

According to Daddy, I could see how it was possible to see all this. And I saw the baby’s body repeatedly and bleeded and was amazed. The electrons are very happy and proud of their child’s Tahir and say that this ability is God’s gift.

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Seeing this ability or ability, a relative of the child was very happy and he made his video upload on social media to see if he was seen and became a child on social media last night.As well as local newspapers, representatives of several TV channels and international websites contacted the child and his father to know the secret of this wonderful story.

Some people just described this process as an expression and convinced that since the child’s father is an electronics, it is possible that he hid a battery around the child’s body, and only a child passes the Made of conductors, because the LED bulb burns with a very low intensity, this low-level curve is possible to bear a human body.


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