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Amazing benefits of standing on a foot

New York:Physical exercise experts have shown that standing on foot for ten to fifteen minutes not only gives bodybuilding strength but also increases the ability to balance balance.

In the school time, the teacher was punished to hold standing on a leg and used to be punished even if he was punished, even if he delayed the school to run in the field or sit down There were common sentences given to the scholars, but there are also wonderful scientific benefits.

Although the teachers used to give these sentences to the system of discipline, physical exercise experts and physiologists say that these sentences prove to be physically strong and useful for health. Especially on a leg, there is a great exercise to increase the strength and balance of body joints.

Sermon experts suggest that standing on a foot for 15 minutes a day, close the eyes by spreading both hands on the right and left and keep changing the feet after twenty seconds, so your body balance To learn, the body muscles and bones will become stronger.

Physical exercise volunteer, who runs fitness center in the US, says that if you face difficulty standing on a foot, hold the ears with your own hands, thus the balance of the body will remain and you will not fall on the floor. When balance is raised, spread the hands again, while breathing normally.


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