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Magic headset transforming silent words into practical instruction

Boston:Experts of Massachusetts of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created a unique headset that if you wear something in mind, it changes it into practical steps or instructions.

This headset system has been called Altrago, which is connected to ear and jaw. Instead of your psychological activity or voice, the item that is used is called ‘sub sound’ or ‘sub vacancies’ which are also called silent words spoken in the mouth. More detail can be found in the video below.

Thus, the headset specializes in the word and passes it into a computer where the computer releases instructions to any device under anonymous words. The inventory of this wonderful item is the science related encyclopedia of the MIT Media Lab, which has called it ‘Artificial Intelligence Agentant Device’.

According to Arnoo Kapoor, they want to add man and machine in such a way that both of them get together and become part of human consciousness. In developing nations, commonly available mechanical arm and leg movement movements, which are called psychological signals, are also commonly known as psychological prosthetics. Altar AEGO works the same way.

When you pay a word below, note the censor in the headset of these signals. Then this computer returns those words as Google works to repeat your words. However, Alger Ego needs a little training to work well on the basis of unique person’s unique garbage. In this way, you can play hands and play chess on computer without having to say anything and work in other ways simpler.

In the next phase, their system will work between two people in such a way that both will talk to each other, but they will not pay a word from their mouth. Similarly, Altarago will be used in the tremendous tasks of the disabled people.


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