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A sign on the battery can save thousands of rupees

In the present era, a mobile phone is needed every human being, that’s why a huge part of our earnings looks like it. If our phone gets crank, we spend thousands of rupees for repairing it, and if the disease is found dead, the second time the rage starts.

Mobile phone companies have been given a solution to every problem that can save your thousands of rupees. But we ignore it. Therefore, whenever you buy a phone, then read its menu.

Often phone batteries are closed due to short or bad, some company is given in the battery itself. If you note, you will notice that there is a sign outside the battery corner, which is given to indicate the amount of moisture in a mobile phone.

If there is no moisture in the phone, if the mark is in violet color, but if the marks appear to be full or lower red, then understand the moisture in your phone is suffering. This moisture can harm the phone at any time. If so, check your phone immediately. Or to keep it dry in a dry place.