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Mysterious changes on planet Jupiter: Scattered in science

Planet Jupiter (Jupiter) is the fifth planet of the solar system. This is the oldest and greatest in the rest of the planets. She is about four billion years old.

It is made of these elements of the Great Planet Earth, which has stars. But these elements are not so powerful to flatter like stars. Due to the appearance of the planet’s planet, it is full of gas and fluid material that arises inside it. The colorful clouds visible due to sundars show the appearance of a fabric made of fabric. It also shows a huge red flag on its surface. It is known as ‘Great Red Spot’. And this is the most important part of planet Earth.

This red spot is actually a huge storm. This storm is probably more powerful than the planet’s weight. That’s why this storm has been rising since the past and has not been so far. Scientists research on this show that the spot has shown clear changes over time. Its color is getting darker. And it seems more round and smaller. It has been concluded that the storm drivers are getting sharp, due to which the spot has been shattered. But in fact, this storm is going to be high on the other side.

The Great Red Spot used to be three times larger than the world. But now only a little bit bigger than the world. All these information have been obtained through NASA’s numerous missions. These include Wise, Hubble and Recent Mission Jones. Scientists hope they can get more facts about mysterious spots.