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Why are spaces left behind packaging medicines?

When the doctors give you a lot of medicines, then you will definitely get very angry. But eating these medicines can be better if we get sick.

Many times you have also considered that vacuum packaging is left blank.Do you know why this happens and the secret behind it is hidden.

Even if you still understood that these spaces are a cause, you are wrong because there are many reasons behind doing this.

Medicines are sent in a large quantity from one place to another, in such cases their risk of disrupting. The vacuum between them prevents them from breaking, so that medicines do not affect the shock.

One reason for leaving the vacuum in the packaging of medicines is that there are various types of chemicals available in medicines, so they are kept away from each other so that they do not have chemical reactivation.

But which is the biggest and important reason, according to it, it is easy to bite due to these vacancies.