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Wats app’s new ‘Text Bom Bug’ can ruin the mobile

The Wats app has a bug that allows mobile or iOS Watts app users to get mobile phones. This new bug is being spread through an SMS, touching this particular SMS may cause a mobile system to be hanged.

This message famous by the name of the textile bomb is being spread in the form of Fordude Mess. In this forward message, users have been warned that if the message touches, your wats app can be hanged.

In case of hanging the mobile can be brought back in a normal state without restarting.

If this message was seen in HTML, it was found that the app is an empty space above the responsible bomb.

This place contains right-to-left marks RLM. It’s a hack that identifies the change between the left-right LRM and the right-to-right RLM writing.

The text bomb reads "This is very interesting" and includes an emoji.

Since Wats only uses LRM marks. Therefore, in the wrong direction of the vocabulary, the Watts app hangs from the directory.

The Wats app has not issued any statement yet.



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