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Collect millions of barrels of flats on the radio tower in Australia, surprising science

Melbourne:A mounted radio communication mount has mounted a mounted mount of Mount Burn in South Australia on which millions of beer beds (Lady Bags) have been read and specialists are unable to describe it.

A few photos of this wonderful incident, wildlife photographer Steve Chapel, have screwed up and posted some of his videos on facebook page. Seven years ago, thousands of berries were used here, but now the number of them is tens of millions.

They appear to be like a worm in the vessels of the tower and on the other side, and their number increases rapidly. Barrasses are available here all day and are in the dark corner corner or tower pipes in the dark, and they come back again after climbing the day.

Professor Andy Austin, University of Adelaide expert, has described her two potential reasons.

First, some of the first insects gathered together in order to find a better partner for matching, and other barriers also started turning here, which have become a colony now.

The second theory is that the barriers are gathering in one place for their protection so that they can survive the victim and live their lives. Especially they want to save themselves from the birds. According to professor Austin, Lady Bags, on this occasion, destroy the smell of a feeling that can keep the hunter away from themselves.

Steve Chapel says that he did not feel any such smell, but millions of deposited bears have killed some insects, whose boobs can be clearly seen. Now people are watching this place from time to time, and it is also being used in media.


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