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The small toy boat set thousands of kilometers away

Scotland:A boat manufactured by two children has been swimming in open ocean for a year and still not sinking thousands of kilometers away.

Children usually run small boats in a pool or swimming pool, but two Scotland brothers built a marine pirates, which their parents also joined.Harry and Oli Ferguson’s weight was balanced in weight, so that he would swim in sharp waves too. In addition, inside the ark of the boat Polly Stevens have foam foam so that the booth should be boiled. Despite all these changes, nobody was sure that this boat would continue to float deeply in deep ocean.

The boat was handed over to Peter Head’s coastal coast, Peter Head, after which he had entered international waters in May last year and had seen many ships. On 8 November 2017, the boat had arrived from Scotland to Mauritania, now it is passing through the Guiana Sea of ​​South America.

The boat has been named ‘adventure’ which reached first to Scotland from Scotland and then went to Sweden and Norway. Any person present there handed it over to the water, because a message in the boat has written that he should leave it again in the sea.

Then it further went back to Norway and GPS tracker installed it equally reporting a modern water-proof transmitter.

The Facebook page is also built for boats, which can also be found on the travels and pictures of its journey. A few days ago he did not report anything but his transmitter suddenly started working again and now he is at some place in South American seas.


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