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Diabetes Discover the Diabetes Generator

London:Scientists believe that the genus KLF, which causes stomach-based fat, is responsible for 14 diabetes diabetes (Type 2).

The research team from Oxford University has revealed that the genre of diabetes type II has been discovered. This is known as the gen KLF 14, which is also responsible for submitting fat in the stomach, and the same gene increases the likelihood of diabetes.

The main author of the report published in the scientific journal Nature Genetics and Professor Mark McGarthyie of Oxford University has said that KLF collects fatty fat in men in the womb while the same genes in the female keeps fat at the bottom of the waist and that’s what Fat causes diabetes. However, fat in the body and other parts of the body in men and women does not cause diabetes, nor is the lien KLF 14 responsible for collecting fat in those parts. If this gen is analyzed, diabetes such as diabetes can be controlled.

Being fractured and especially the increased abdominal diabetes are among the major concerns, however, these concerns can be reduced by moderating weight, using balanced diet usage, regular exercise and regular lifestyle.Diabetes worldwide is spreading rapidly, and the biggest cause of elderly mortality is also the same disease that causes heart, kidneys, teeth and eye diseases.


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