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The possibility of cancer and obesity in hot water is hot

Medical practitioners say that moderate people with microwave oven may suffer from cancer, obesity, diabetes and obesity.

According to the article published in the journal Nature, according to the scientists of America, a study of five-year multi-study study on microwave usage and its effects on human health. Experts study the implicit effects on human health due to the combination of chemicals used in the manufacture of plastic vessels of microwave radius.

According to scientists, plastic vessels are manufactured from different chemicals, the most dangerous chemical is ‘Bisphenol A’. When the food is hot in the plastic vessel, the microwave emits the bee-asphanol a chemical in the vessel that enters into our body.

Bee Asphanol A chemical adds blood to food, where it causes hormones in harmonies, worsens the digestion of the patient, increases the sugar level and is due to its ‘casino gene chemical’. Hazardous effects are caused by cancer and obesity. These chemicals do not digestive and gather in blood formulas, causing high blood pressure, high cholesterol and intestinal injury.

Experts say that if necessary, use utensils instead of warming food in plastic vessels, which is labeled ‘safe in microwaves’ or if you use non-stick vessels, then wood Use the spoon so that the tiffleon can not be switched to food.

If you feel that this layer is about to fall and immediately use the vessel.