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The dog waiting for 12 hours daily on the railway station

Beijing:A faithful dog leaves in China on a train station daily, and he waits for the next 12 hours until his master comes back.

Kuala Lumpur, a 15-year-old dog living in Chongqing Yuzhou district, has been living for several years. She waits patiently with her patience daily until she returns and takes 12 hours.

The dog’s name is Zengzhou Zong, which means ‘Small Bhalu.’Small brown daily Lisbia Metro Station keeps waiting for her master even though she has the usual routine for the past 8 years. Now the videos and photos of his loyalty and the waiter’s wait are spreading rapidly on social media, and people from China’s remote areas are coming to see it.

His master said that this dog is with him for seven years and waits for it every day. According to locals, this is a very good animal and it can be opened. As soon as his master comes back from the job, this dog tries to see him and rides it.

The dog reaches the metro station with his master every morning between eight to eight o’clock and sitting there for the next 12 hours. According to the local people, it is very patient to wait for the master to see the same place, where the train comes. See the owner it is very happy. Now this dog has become famous in China.