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Cancer-prevention genes revealed in men’s chromosomes

Scientists have discovered that the gene-safe genre is found only in ‘men’s chromosome’.

Scientific scientists of the Welcom Sensor Institute and University have revealed that special genes are found in chromosomes for chronic diseases like cancer. Another layer of cancer in the upper layer of genes is another layer of resistance to ‘leukemia’. Which helps in maintaining immunity and preventing cancer from spreading.

The article published in Scientific journal Nature states that the obstacle to the spread of cancer is only available on a chromosome ‘Y’ that is specific to certain men, especially for women ‘chromosome’ X ‘ I did not find this genre. The substance of the rat’s rat ‘UTX’ ended after leukemia, but the gen UTY, found in male mice, saved the mice from cancer.

Dr. Mulguzza Guzecca, head of the research, says that this research proved that ‘Y’ chromosomes present in men do not work in the formation of ambero, but they also become a means of cancer prevention. It is clear that there are 59 million y couples of chromosome in the human body, that is, the chromosome determines the sex of the child formed in mercy.