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The bottle extinguished in water only in three weeks

London:Plastic and plastic bottles have become a threat to the whole world and especially seas, when these bottles are not endangered in hundreds of years and are also threatened for humans including sea animals.

As its effective response, James Long Crown, an inventor of Scotland, has made a bottle from a special paper that ends in just three weeks, while in the ocean-watered water, it ends. This bottle is going to be biosely (Bio de Gridel) and is completely water-proof. The use of these bottles can solve the long-term problem of plastic bottles. The plastic is killing the most marine creatures, and a plastic pile of Texas city skyline has been seen in the Atlantic Ocean.

One aspect of this news is that plastic mafia has become very strong throughout the world and spending billions of dollars per year for it. On the other hand, James is making this bottle in his own kitchen with his hand. This bottle is completely covered by sea for a month, when the plastic bottle ends at least 450 years later. James’s bottle bottle ends in one year.

The best thing about this bottle is that it does not cost much cost and it costs only 70 rupees that are very high in plastic bottles, but this is nothing more to reduce the pain of the environment. Every year, we are throwing 14 billion tonnes of rugs in the majority of which are plastic.

James Long Craft has begun on the Internet for its innovation and has been charged for $ 34,000 on the Crawl Funding Website, which has been deposited by half. Their step is important for the better future of this planet.