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Seven colorful hills in Peru

Lima, Peru:

 Peru’s unique and colorful hills are located in Peru, where access is difficult, but then the large number of people come to see these people.

Four geological slices in this area can be seen simultaneously. On one hand, the height of the Andy Hills can be seen which resulted in the nature of the rise in this regard. On the other hand, glaciers’ flats have made drunk and weddings.

The third and the main amino formulation is the form of red, blue and blue green green colors, while lime stone reservoirs are also available. All these together make the mountains colorful and the viewer thinks that somebody has converted these mountains through the photoshop.

Lima is found in this area and local people are shepherds. To see the hills like charming and courtyard hills, pass through the hills for at least two hours, and a magnificent view of the 5000 km elevation of Sat Rangi mountains is visible.

It looks like the layers of beautiful colors are kept on the hills, but according to experts, the process has taken millions of years, including movement of artery activities and tectonic plates.