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Symptoms appearing one month before getting a heart attack

One of the most dangerous health problems in the world is also a heart attack. However it is possible to prevent and protect it if appropriate measures are taken. According to scientists, a heart attack starts showing different symptoms from 1 month ago. This month’s 1 month is sufficient to examine medical examination and avoid heart attack.

Today we will tell you which six signs they show the danger of heart attack.

Sleep routine

Human physical factors also follow a particular routine and special habits.The same sleep also comes under a special routine. If there has been changes in this rotation for some time, if there is a problem finding sleep or discomfort or sleep, it is a clear sign that the body is reporting.

Severe fatigue

The tremendous fatigue and weakening of the body is also a sign of heart attack. Not performing properly can make the body weak and fatigue.

System digestive

After pepper spicy food, the system becomes disturbed by digestive system.But if there is no specific reason for digestion, then it is indicating a heart attack in the future.

Lack of breath

Reaching the proper amount of oxygen from heart to heart does not suffer from breathing. This symbol can change in a heart attack.


If a Christian or anxiety dominates without any particular reason, this symbol shows danger of heart attack.

Weak arm

When the heart does not provide adequate oxygen to the heart, then the pain in the spinal reactions creates pain and will weaken them. This process is especially worried with the ultimate arm. If such symbols appear often appearing, it is oppressed that the body is informing about a heart attack.