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Be careful to use the phone for late nights

The use of the phone for a long time is a very bad habit.

Researchers from the University of Glasgow have found that disrupting the natural clock of your body can create serious problems in your mood.

Senior writer of the study, Daniel Smith said that the long-term social media is the most harmful habit that causes your sleeping disorder.

The natural clock of the body controls our sleep function, body temperature, our strength, and the release of hormones.

Scientists measure daily comfort for the age of 90,000 people, gender, lifestyle, education and any childbirth that is called a replicate amplitude.

Those people whose empire was low had the risks of severe mental problems.

Smith said it’s not just what you do in the night. Keep dynamic in the day and disable in the night.

He further said that in particular, in winter, make sure to get good sleep in the night with fresh air.


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