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Six easy way to review health

Health is Wealth. But it is also that those who are clearly looking for healthy are vulnerable to internal weaknesses.

Today we will tell you 7 easy ways to review health, through which you will be able to know that there is no problem in health related issues. Because solving problems initially, solving us can save us from the very big problem.

* Checking the look

Keep the picture given to the eye in a distance of 10 to 15 inches. Now keep your eye on your hands and close it and watch this picture for 10 seconds from the other eye. Repeat the same action with another eye.

If you see gray colored patches between the lines in the picture, your retina is completely healthy. But if so, you should immediately check your eyes.

Check out the stemina

Count your plus rate for a minute to check the stemena. Then sit in the seat, then count the pulse rate again for a minute. If your pulse grows up to 25 percent after the sit down, it means you are healthy. But if this difference is more than 25%, it means that your cardio viscular system is weak. But if this difference is up to 50% you should immediately show the doctor.

Apart from this, one is also the way to go to the fourth building through the stairs, then check the pulse for a minute. If your pulse is stirring 120 times in a minute, then you are fine, but if you feel chronic or painful, it is a sign of danger.

* Tilt in the spinal cord

Stand the way you normally stand and tell someone to see the body’s style. If your waist’s tilt is more than 45 degrees or your hips are on the outside, it means that you are having problems with spinal cord.

* Fertilizer of neck

Ask someone or look at your pictures if the line coming from ear to shoulder is straight, it means your body is normal, but if it is tired, it shows that physical Stacked problems.

* System respiratory

This test will help you evaluate the system respiratory process, whether your body is ok supply or oxygen, and if your blood flow is not a problem. Sit comfortably and somewhat deepen in some place. Then take oxygen inside a deep breath, and close the hand with the help of the hand and note the time. A healthy person can stop breathing from 25 to 40 seconds.