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Russia started preparing a unique army of mice

Russian scientists say dogs will not need to find a bomb in the field of war. Because they will have a rat.

Russian experts say that mice can be trained to find explosives installed.These rates can also search for trapped humans under the rubble.

Police and military experts say that the smell of mice can be used for its benefit.

Experts are experimenting with the mind of the mice in Roste On Do Laboratory of Electrical Depression (LOP).

The head of the Lloyd Dmitry Medvedev said unlike dogs, could also be inaccessible to deteriorate small holes and bridges.

Thus, they find the way down to the bottom of the debris. Due to this feature of the rats, raccoo resources can better decide on how to get the trapped way to the trapped people.

Scientists also discovered that leaves of two different types of rat tea can cure and make them difference.

Experts also say that it may take more than a few years to use mice in real life.