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Most important information about human body

There are 372 trillion cells in the human body. Which contain 200 different types of cells.

There are 100 billion neurons in the brain. There are about 60,000 thoughts daily in human minds. When a human mind is awake, then generates electricity so that a small bulb can burn. In addition, a quadreline bits of information in mind can be stored.

The human eye curtain has 127 cells. It can make us understand the differences in ten million different colors in the world. Eyes are 120 million rude cells. These cells would help to see less light. While cells in light of light, ie, the number of sales is 60 thousand. The power of this camera was 576 megapixel if the human eye was a digital camera.

The human body contains 6 liters of blood. There are 42 billion blood veins.There are 30 trillion red cells in the blood.

Man takes 23 to 40 breathes in the day. The heart of a human being falsehood in one day 15 thousand 202 times. Heart creates energy so that a truck can be run up to 32 kilometers. The heart pumps 1 point blood of 5 billion barrels in the whole life. Whereas the heart’s energy is so that even after the separation of the body can be fractured.

In addition, the human body consists of 640 feet and 360 pairs.

Man flows 800 ml sweat in the day. In the average person’s mouth a 23,000 liters liter is made in his entire life. Such a lot can fill the pool of two water.Human hair drops daily by day. While about 1 million hair is present on the head.

In childhood there are three bones in the child’s body, while being grown, some bones connect together. Due to which the number of bones resides in 206.

There is so much amount of steel in the human body that can be made up to 7 cm 6 cm long nail.

There are 100 billion cells on the skin. While 60 million receptors are recycled. Finger has the ability to feel small things up to 13 nano meters.Almonds who feel tasteful on the language change after every 10 days. If there is ache in the stomach of the human, if you touch the skin, then it will become a dark hole on the skin.

There are ten thousand smell-sensitive receptors. From them, we get the difference between 50 thousand different types of seeds.

If the DNA dose contained in cells is straightened and its length will be 10 billion miles. This distance is from the ground to planet Pluto, and from there to the ground.