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Powerful weapon against cancer: lemon

London:Due to its perfume, effectiveness and benefits, lime is used in the whole world, but recent research has made its utility more tired.

According to experts, it has more than a dozen ingredients that can prevent or treat many types of cancer. Apart from this, anti-cancer ingredients are also found in lime straws.

The lime boil has the ability to strengthen the body’s natural defense system. Thus the human body is capable of fighting the disease like cancer. According to experts, remaining lime has got 22 such ingredients that somehow cure cancer.

Lymphs are composed of trips, the most notable de lemonone that saves cancer and also has the ability to remove it. In this case, Cancer Center of University of Arizona has done a small investigation. In this study, 43 such women were included, some time ago, the cancer of breast (Bast) was identified. Two to 6 weeks before surgery, they were given a daily quantity of two grams de lemonone.

The number of major biomarkers in these women saw 22% decline, including cancerous biomarker Cycleine de One.

Experts say on this basis that if women continue to use lymphs, it can reduce breast cancer by 50%.

However, it has yet to be known how the main ingredient prevents cancer. This feature has also been seen in the pieces of fresh lime fresh pieces that have a wide range of modifated stripes packets (MCPs). The MCP immediately involves blood and the system becomes part of the digestive system. It has been seen effective against breast, prostate and skin cancer. They slow down the spread of cancer cells. In addition, other important components in the lymph are helpful in preventing cancer, mouth, nose, stomach and throat cancer.

White lungs are laminated with limeon inside the lime peas and it has an average of 300 ml of lemonons.