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10 ways of stroke

The stroke is a disease which does not make any part of the body but it can also cause death.

Stroke attack occurs when the brain closes the path to blood. It does not prevent bleeding from getting blood and oxygen. The fluid can target an individual of any age, which is due to life today. He increases blood pressure by increasing blood pressure.

Symptoms of fluid include severe headache, source, change in turn or fog, difficulties in speaking, breathing sensation in the body etc. Fortunately, some changes in their lifestyle can significantly reduce the danger of losing fluid which are as follows.

Low use of salt

The American Heart Association says we should use half a day salt salt. Most people use excessive amounts of salt. Salt increases blood pressure which is the most important factor in increasing the risk of stroke. Those who use excessive salt in the diet, increase their risk of fluid.

An apple daily

Daily use of white and white fruit fruits and vegetables (more than 171 grams) may reduce the risk of fluid 52%.Actually apple and pear fiber and swollen fight anti-oxidants.Banana, cabbage, cats, garlic and onion etc. are also beneficial.

Eat tomatoes

Anti-oxidant lemonopine gives tomatoes red. The risk of any type of fluid in people whose blood lipcinin is high is 55% lower.

Sweat off

Exercise is also a great way to reduce the risk of stroke. Physical weight gain from exercise.


Coca-colored coconutides and antioxidants in the chocolate are full of blood. They prevent blood vessels to fight and prevent bleeding, which can cause stroke.

Mental concern and depression

Depression is something that affects the risk of fluid.According to a research, minor mental troubles and frustration also increase the risk of death from the blood-related diseases. So avoid mental worries and depression.

Use of medicines

Some common medicines also cause increased fluid risk.These include breeding, joint pain reduction and contraceptive medicines.

Dental Care

Healthy teeth also keep heart and mind healthy. The lungs cause increase in the number of bacteria that attack the blood cells and prevent blood flow. So take care of your teeth and avoid stroke.

Avoid smoking

If you smoke, heat the cigarette because this habit increases the risk of both types of fluid to 2 to 4 times.

Blood pressure

Keeping in mind the decrease in normal blood pressure is also useful for preventing fluid. One research revealed that slight increase or decrease in blood pressure can increase the risk of fluid from 55% to 79%. Daily exercise can be used to control blood pressure, a healthy diet, a slight decrease in physical weight, avoiding smoking etc.