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Now possible to travel by standing in the ship

Rome:Seating on the seat of an hour’s air travel is a good news for the people who are now able to travel for a ship in which they can travel even after standing.

An Italian company, which has set up a set of ships, has made a design of a new classroom design class, not only the height of the older ones but also less space.

The company has named Sky Designer for the designated new designs, which will increase the number of travelers in the acronym class cabin by 20 percent because they design less space with designs and the distance to 28-inch long lengths It will be reduced to 23 inches, which will provide more profits to Airlines.

The company says that the new set is weight half of other class seats, when its repair and cleaning costs are also less than the oldest set.

It is clear that in 2010, a survey conducted by the majority of 100,000 passengers preferred high-sized seats. The 80 thousand people had suggested that if they get free seats, their journey will be doubled.