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Modern technology is making a very adverse impact on human health

He Fobia

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Psychologists say that they have found a new quality of human being, the name of this figure is Is Fabia. It means ‘ nine-cell phone-fobia’ which is seen in the absence of mobile absence or mobile usage. This quality is affecting the most youngest generation. As a result of this quality, human beings can have a great deal of distress. And the interest of the surrounding environment ends. Researchers say this condition may prove to be as simple as addictive.

Computer vision condom

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Permanent views on the computer can be dangerous for many hours. This is an alarm for people using computer. In such a way the long-term use of the computer can deal with ‘computer vision syndrome’. Which may cause such symptoms as pain head, eyesight, and eyesight. Avoid viewing your monitor screen to minimize these complications and watch your eyes repeatedly when working.

Texting thumbnail

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Hands of experts say mobile and computer users have seen increase in the rate of ‘Tentants of Thumb’. It is a bone and a muscle disease that involves hearing of thumb and toes and inflammation.

back pain

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People working on computers have to sit in the same style. As a result, these people may experience permanent pain of back pain.

Eritrea grows up

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The laptop specifically makes the computer work easy and comfortable. Because it can be used by sitting anywhere in your lap. But this is not really so comfortable. Keeping laptops on the thighs for a long time is anxious for the rise of e-Ebb. This is a condition that comes from the heat of the heat in a very close contact. Its result may be a simple asbestos fiber or skin color constant.

Loss of day sitting

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People who spend more time on computer and mobile often spend the same time as a whole day. And the more technologically involved in our lives, the more it will increase. Such lifestyle can cause health problems. Contains headache, stroke, diabetes and cholesterol.


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The time spent on the use of mobile affects human sleeping routine and quality badly. As a result of this research, it came to pass that those people had difficulty in sleeping, which used to be a long-term mobile phone. However, those who use mobile before sleeping have the same rate of complaint.

In the neck

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Indeed, in mobile use, a person is constantly holding down his neck. The head has a burden on the neck and the more the person lives in this condition, the same work will have to do his muscles. This causes neck pain and muscle loss.

Ear watch pin

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Another habit of mobile users is that they listen to the music in the headphones faster than they hear. Thus, the ability to listen to the intense sound of the ear curtain can cause a difference and can also be seen. According to doctors, keep the sound at half or half.


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In a research conducted by the National Toxology program, the mice were kept in the atmosphere of ‘Radio Frequency radiation’ for 9 hours a day in two days. This period is equivalent to 70 years of age in this environment for humans. The intensity of these radiations was increased by four per cent of the legal permission of the mobile phone radiation. The results came to see the birth of cells producing cancer in the heart of male mice. Nevertheless, it does not prove that radio frequency radiation creates a cancer causing harm to the DNA. But then there are concerns that these radiations can cause cancer in the delicate fibers of human body and cause cancer.