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Is the petrol contained pure or mixed? Easy way to know

Using poor or mixed petrol in vehicle or motorcycle, its efficiency is affected, engine damage too. We tell you an extremely easy way to check the quality of the gasoline, by which you can save your vehicle and motorcycles from harm.

You should do that by removing the petrol from the vehicle and grab two drops on a white paper and dry it down and dry it. When the petrol completely flies in the air, review the paper carefully.

If the paper is white and stubborn back in the same way, the petrol in your car is high quality but if the paper gets scratched, then understand that kerosene oil is mixed.

Resin is also used in the petrol which is an artificial volcanic substance and is found in both solid and liquid conditions. To check his mixture, add a little petrol into a bowl and put it on fire. If you are black and yellow with petrol, it should be understood that there is a mixture of the resin which is extremely harmful to your engine, and if the pudding is white, then the petrol resin is clean.

To check the water mixture in the petrol, put some of the quantities of plastic into a plastic container, which can be seen inside. Put a small chemical manganese solution in it and mix well. If Manganese crystal is emitted in petrol and its color is purple or pink, petrol is free of water mixture. Otherwise, water is mixed.